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Healthy and delicious nuts combo

Foxnuts Bakers offers a range of bakery products made from high-quality foxnuts, also known as lotus seeds. Foxnuts are a highly nutritious food source that is rich in fiber, minerals, and other essential nutrients. The main focus of our products is to address thyroid diseases, as foxnuts are a natural source of selenium, which is known to help regulate thyroid function.

Our products are designed to cater to health-conscious individuals who are looking for tasty and nutritious snacks that can help improve their overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, our products are suitable for individuals who have gluten or lactose intolerance.

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Healthy and delicious nuts combo

In April 2023, Foxnuts Bakers conceived the idea of incorporating lotus seeds (foxnuts) into bakery products, aiming to address the dietary challenges faced by thyroid patients, particularly prevalent in Pakistan, where approximately 4.5% of the population, predominantly women, grapple with thyroid disorders. Despite an abundance of treats tailored for various health conditions, there was a notable absence of options catering specifically to thyroid patients.

Our bakery product line includes various cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and snacks made using foxnuts and other natural ingredients. We use organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. we are using stevia as an alternative to sugar so that diabetic patients can also eat our products


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In 2023, Foxnuts Bakers secured a position among the top 100 startups at the World Startup Championship organized by See Pakistan. They achieved victory in the Creative Leadership Conference competition in October 2023. Recently, they secured an incubation space at the Military College of NUST as part of the Nation Expansion Plane.

Foxnuts Bakers emerged victorious in an idea competition organized by Cmacde Supervisor University Lahore in January 2024. They successfully triumphed in the boot camp organized by FJWU in 2023, securing an incubation space at the FJWU Incubation Centre and winning one lakh fifty in an international boot camp. Additionally, Foxnuts Bakers won the RAIN CATALYST competition, earning a monthly stipend of $480. Last but not least achieved successful product placement in FJWU BIC and NUST cafe.

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Meet the heart and soul of FOXNUT Bakery - a talented and passionate team dedicated to crafting exceptional moments with every batch of our delicious treats.

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CEO & Founder

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Saaim Jahangir Mughal

Web Developer

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